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Your foundation for beautiful skin

Our treatments are customized according to the condition of your skin, using the finest in globally sourced skincare and effective technologies. We will discuss your skin care regimen, concerns, and goals, and review your enhancement options to decide together on the perfect treatment.


If this is your first time visiting Oliveaux, we recommend the 90 minute foundation facial as this affords enough time to properly address the needs of your skin and is the best introduction to our studio.

Foundation Facial

Restorative and effective. The Foundation Facial is fully customized to your needs utilizing the finest in globally sourced luxury skincare and technology. It is the ideal treatment for creating and maintaining a beautiful and healthy complexion. ​

Your experience will begin with a thorough Japanese double cleanse, after which your esthetician will assess your skin and discuss treatment options.  Depending on the state of your complexion you will be exfoliated utilizing gentle botanical enzymes, professional acids, or microdermabrasion. After exfoliation, our deep sculpting facial massage unwinds the deepest facial muscles, invigorates the skin, and prepares for targeted extractions. Your treatment concludes with a customized treatment mask, advanced dermal serums, and hydration that leaves your complexion clarified and radiant.

We recommend the 90-minute foundation facial for those who require a deep cleaning and extensive extractions, or if it is your first visit to Oliveaux, as this is the best introduction to our studio. 

90 minutes

$195   Staff esthetician

$225   With Lacey Wagner, Owner, and Lead esthetician

60 minutes

$165  Staff esthetician

$185  With Lacey Wagner, Owner, and Lead esthetician

30 minutes

$115  Staff esthetician

$135  With Lacey Wagner, Owner, and Lead esthetician

(Best suited for returning clients and teens. This is a condensed facial that does not include facial massage or extensive extractions)

Lemuria Facial

Advanced Peel

Dermaplane Facial

One of our most popular facials for those looking to both treat their skin and truly relax. It's a transcendental facial experience not to be missed.


You will be treated to a customized luxurious facial utilizing the finest in globally sourced botanical skincare.

Your skin will be exfoliated with enzymatic and ultrasonic exfoliation, hydrated with a custom-blended mask featuring certified organic and wild-harvested ingredients, nourished with botanical dermal serums infused via microcurrent, and moisturized leaving your skin plump and glowing.


This facial is elevated by holistic modalities including our signature deep sculpting face massage, gua sha and/or shiatsu, integrative cranial unwinding, and finished with a rebalancing sound therapy experience.  

75 minutes 

$195 - $225

An effective medium-depth peel that is safe for all skin types & ethnicities.  This peel has a mild tingly sensation and has a manageable and painless downtime of 7-10 days.  


Along with a powerful acid combination of TCA, Retinoic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Kojic Acid, and Phenol, our advanced peel also includes the master anti-oxidant Glutathione and vitamin C to assist in healing.


The advanced peel removes the outer layer of skin and stimulates collagen production, revealing a firmer, more vibrant complexion. You can expect an Improvement in the overall clarity, tone, and texture of the skin, a reduction in hyperpigmentation, and an improvement in acne breakouts and scarring.


30 minutes



Dermaplaning is a non-invasive manual exfoliation method that utilizes a sterile scalpel to exfoliate the skin, remove peach fuzz, and allow for deeper penetration of skincare products.

This is a gentle treatment that has no downtime and leaves you with radiant skin.

Not suitable for clients with active acne.

Prior to your appointment, you must refrain from exfoliating for 3-4 days (this includes topical prescriptions, scrubs, Retinol, AHA's/BHA's)

30 minutes


LED light therapy    $55

* requires additional time, must be booked in advance.

LED therapy is beneficial for treating acne, regulating oil production, minimizing inflammation and redness, and softening fine lines and wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types and conditions and excellent when combined with a custom peel treatment.  Results are cumulative and we recommend a course of treatments for the best results.

Baby Peel     $75    

A professional chemical peel that helps to reduce pigmentation, refine acne scarring, soften fine lines, and improve overall skin clarity and texture.  The baby peel is fantastic before an event or when your skin needs a boost with no downtime.


You will leave your treatment with the peel on your skin to be washed off several hours later.  Please plan accordingly as your skin will have a shiny appearance during this time and you will be required to avoid sun exposure and heat.

Microcurrent     $55 

Our most popular enhancement. Using a triple-wave non-invasive microcurrent we infuse targeted serums while safely lifting and sculpting the face. The perfect addition to any facial or before a big event.  Not suitable for those who are pregnant.

Scalp Massage   $55   

* requires additional time, and must be booked in advance.

Relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. 

Fascial adhesion in the scalp can lead to changes in the shape of your face as well as contribute to headaches and other tension.  By releasing this tension we relax and rejuvenate the facial muscles while enhancing your feeling of well-being. 

Your scalp will be nourished with a calming treatment serum from the Italian luxury brand, Davines before we expertly massage your scalp using both invigorating and relaxing movements utilizing handwork, reflexology tools, and Gua sha. The treatment finishes with a cooling oxygen infusion, leaving you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and restored. 

Microdermabrasion     Included if applicable to your needs

Using wet and dry microdermabrasion technology, Bio-Brasion trinity is a low-suction abrasion machine that generates customized levels of exfoliation via a diamond-tipped handle. The treatment painlessly removes the outermost dry, damaged layers of the skin.   Zero downtime and suitable for most skin types except those with sensitive skin or active breakouts. 

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