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Brow Design

Naturally beautiful brows, effortlessly groomed, and never over-plucked. 


After assessing your brow history and desired goals we will customize a brow design that best suits your face and style. We use a combination of soft wax and precision tweezing to achieve your brow goals.  Full tweeze available upon request.

We recommend full growth of 6-8 weeks before your appointment in order to achieve the best results.

$75  - $95

Brow Lamination

Transformative brow treatment to give you the fluffy and groomed brows of your dreams. 

Brow lamination is a chemical process to straighten, lift, and tame brow hairs.  Perfect for thin or thick hair, and hair that grows in different directions. Last 4-6 weeks. Includes brow shaping.

60 minutes

$125 - $145

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